Hunting for Texture + Light with Melly Lee

Written by Wesley Chan - February 12 2015


May 19 2015

Any new design coming out?

Admiring the contrast created by basegray.

two thumbs up!

April 09 2015

The background textures added more emphasis to the simplicity of the shirt, love these pictures!!

April 04 2015

I’m so glad you decided to bring this project to life. I can’t wait until I get my shirt. The concept and the design balance beautifully. I’m excited to see more!

Nancy Hoang
March 19 2015

I love the photos Melly shot for Base Gray. I find them to really exemplify the ethos behind the BG project. Excited to see her take on more products in the future (if she’s the photographer).

March 15 2015

Love these pictures and the products themselves!!! I hope that one say you can go big with this brand and also that you will go through more and more happiness with the brand and the people supporting you like myself!

February 16 2015

Love the concept!

February 11 2015

Beautiful and love the lighting. Can’t wait to get a shirt.

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