Full Circle : Zero Solid

Written by Wesley Chan - February 02 2015


February 09 2015

That circle is beautiful – simple yet meaningful. Waiting for the next surprise!

February 07 2015

What a beautiful webpage! The concept of minimalist clothing design is perfect – too often one might have a beautifully patterned shirt that goes with nothing else but jeans – Base Gray solves this problem with elegant simplicity. I absolutely love the photography work as well. I look forward to the growth of Base Gray! Congratulations Wes.

February 07 2015

Vision. I meant you have vision.

February 07 2015

Kinda saw this one coming :) You definitely have your own style and specific taste – which I appreciate, which I like. Can’t wait to see where BaseGray goes, love you Wes. I

February 06 2015

I love this concept so much especially since its so simple and minimal! This sounds really biased, but this circle seems quite innovative for the minimalist-merchandise franchise!

February 05 2015

Long time fan of your design work, so I’m excited to see what you come out with! Love the branding and concept so far. Keep on making what you want to become real!

February 03 2015

Love the concept and thought process behind it. Can’t wait to see more.

February 03 2015

cool concept! looking forward to seeing more!

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